business-process-outsourcing2BPO Mid-Contract or Contract Renewal Renegotiation


If you are in need of reviewing your current Business Process Outsourcing contract with your incumbent supplier because you need to increase or downsize services, service levels or head count, RAS Consulting are experts at analyzing your current needs and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

We will work with your incumbent service provider to modify the services and SLAs to fit your evolving needs. We do this by utilizing benchmarking and metrics derived from the KPIs and cost components of your outsourcing services program/operations to identify where services and SLAs can be modified to achieve your objectives.

We can also assist you with a contract renewal for Business Process Outsourcing Services, where, via use of benchmarking and careful analytical review, we can save you money on your contract renewal. We can handle it as a closed bid process to focus the incumbent vendor on the most cost-effective and leading edge solutions.  Of course, you always have the option to go out to bid if the closed bid results do not fit your needs or your incumbent provider did not sharpen their pencil sufficiently. And RAS Consulting will rebate your initial project costs should you go out for a full bid on an initial closed bid process.