Printer and Copier Contract Review ChallengesCopier Contract Review

  • Discounts vary dramatically for base devices; many discount strategies
  • Copier device contracts/leases are purposefully convoluted, complicated and laden with conditions not customer-friendly; contract terms inflexible
  • Devices come in different configurations; must compare apples to apples
  • Service & Maintenance costs vary dramatically
  • Device’s workflow differences are very nuanced in many key areas; requires careful technology audit
  • Device’s network integration also have various nuances requiring careful technology audit
  • Devices vary on open source/third party integration capabilities
  • Pluses and minuses from dealing manufacturer direct vs. reseller
  • Tendency for suppliers to over specify device output capacity seeking higher margins
  • Tendency for suppliers to incorporate greatly underutilized technology add ons and/or not configure

The pricing architecture is not clearly disclosed to the customer with heavy premiums imbedded in the pricing; seasonal and other discounts can be the wild card.

The tsunami several years back overseas that cased damage in Japan had complicated Japan-manufacture red devices Inventory, pricing availability and parts which took some time to entirely run it’s course. But it is highly unlikely we’ll see the level of discounts that copier manufacturers offered previously. The impact on Japan plus rising costs, reductions in overall market share as copiers/MFDs become more right-sized and/or inventories reduced by corporate customers are the main culprits for higher pricing.

Our Print/Document Management Services, Equipment and Technology Workflow & Procurement Expertise

RAS Consulting is the leading industry expert in technology, workflow and software integration as well as contract negotiation in copier/MFDs. With over 25 years’ experience in the copier/MFD workflow, procurement and technology integration RAS Consulting knows all the ins and outs of this highly nuanced but critical business function for your Firm.  Again, RAS Consulting looks beyond the simple tendency to categorize these assets as commodities by always factoring in the key human, workflow and technology integration elements that are equally important to your final lease/purchase of this equipment.

In particular, RAS Consulting’s unique copier/MFD optimization formula and analytics and years of experience in negotiating copier/MFD equipment contracts and leases will save you money, eliminate unfavorable lease/contract terms and maximize your investment. We will protect you from overspending on features and add ons that you will never use while performing extensive equipment reviews to define the best workflow and technology options that will actually work on your network and at your Firm.