RAS Consulting has been providing Business Process Outsourcing Consulting Services to Fortune 500 Legal, Investment Banking and Professional Services organizations for over 15 years. Over the course of that time we have engineered dozens of client engagements in over 25 US markets. We Specialize in RFP (Request for Proposal) project management for on shore outsourced office support services and office equipment and technology.

RAS Consulting has project managed over three dozen client engagements in the past six years saving our customers 10-15% or more over their current costs while raising or improving the client’s technology and overall service standards to a higher level through his ground breaking RFP process.

RAS Consulting has pioneered Business Process methods and analysis for RFPs for on shore office support outsourcing services.

Via our uniquely proven processes we:

Greatly reduce the customer’s time spent on these integral processes by expertly project managing all aspects of the RFP process

  • Are the ombudsmen of the outsourcing industry, protecting our clients against negative industry trends, pointing out unfavorable contractual or pricing elements/terms, typically found in outsourcing agreements
  • Are industry experts on the latest trends in outsourcing, technology solutions and inside information that we bring to our customers.
  • Represent both the outsourcing industry vendors and our customers to forge a win-win outsourcing solution that is steeped in Best Practices and results in an optimal client-vendor arrangement.



RAS Consulting’s RFP Process for your outsourced Business Process Support Services needs is the most comprehensive in the industry.  RAS Consulting is a true boutique consulting firm; we don’t take on 50-100 projects a year and use a cookie cutter for each. You deal with a principal–someone personally, with both experience in outsourcing management and analysis, as well as being a procurement/purchasing specialist.  RAS Consulting is also a distinguished PMP, Certified Project Manager, so you benefit from our tightly run projects.

Using our 25+ years of actual experience in outsourcing operations and analysis, our Process is broken down into several key phases:

Phase One: On Site Analysis and Review

RAS Consulting collects every conceivable piece of data you or your incumbent outsourcing service provider can provide us, leases, contracts, reports, operations manuals, job descriptions and more. We add to this our on site review of the current operations by an experienced consultant to quantify the collected data against reality, while studying workflow analysis, interviewing staff and management regarding the perception (and reality) of the services.  We conclude by providing our findings in an industry-leading consulting Report of Findings so you have a thorough, detailed and analytical review of your current operations with our recommendations where you can save money or cut costs and improve efficiencies.

Phase Two: The RFP

First, we begin with a Vendor Prequalification so we qualify the vendors we tender to your RFP with only those suppliers who can ably provide the services, based on a number of measurement factors. We then craft a highly customized RFP, that not only describes your current services, provides a myriad of metrics and details, but also gives pointed direction to the bidding suppliers on the issues and improvements they must incorporate into their own solutions. We also encourage vendor creativity; we don’t stifle it with procurement language and restrictions.

Phase Three: The RFP Response Analysis

RAS  Consulting carefully literally reads every word of each vendor RFP response and quantifies and summarizes all areas of operational validity, technology enhancements, pricing competitiveness and more.  We translate our qualitative and quantitative analysis into a Scorecard which takes the guess work out of rating the vendors and their responses or their objective ability to provide the services. Our final vendor evaluations will give you concrete guidance on who your top choices would be to follow up with Oral Presentations.

RAS Consulting is there with you, providing additional analysis and follow up, checking references and whatever is needed right until you make your final decision.

Phase Four: Contract Stage and Beyond

RAS Consulting will review and assist you in the final contract reviews and negotiations with your winning suppliers (though our previous process has already assured you of the best pricing and most comprehensive SLAs).  We will also assist you in reviewing the implementation plan of either the incumbent or new incoming vendor, attend meetings or conference calls right up until start up.

We also will remain on as your advocate by performing quarterly audits of all invoices, reports and contractual addendums to ensure your vendor is staying within the contract’s guidelines and meeting your SLAs.


Mid-Contract Renegotiation for Outsourced Services

RAS Consulting’s proven analytical methods can review your outsourcing services contract at its mid-point to assess whether the proper staffing, equipment and technology are being provided for where your Firm is at. RAS specializes in achieving cost reduction, down sizing and process re-engineering during mid-contract reviews and renegotiation, instead of having to wait for your contract to expire. RAS Consulting gives you leverage to negotiate with your supplier on your terms to reflect changes in your business and support services requirements.

In House Operation Cost Analysis and Benchmarking

RAS Consulting draws on both its years of Operational experience in actually managing outsourcing services operations and industry knowledge and data base of past and current projects to benchmark in-house or insourced Operations with an eye on how those costs measure up.  Realizing firms are in cost cutting or staff-reduction mode, RAS will uncover opportunities in your current operation to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies to help you make the difficult decisions.


Some of our Client Document Samples:

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Some Considerations for your Copier or Laser Printer/Multi-Functional Device sourcing: