All the things your copier vendor DOESN’T want you to know about

These are example of things your copier vendor doesn’t want you to know about:

  • Problems with non-co terminus leases and how it costs money and reduces your flexibility and bargaining power and is a tool of the copier vendor to put you in a disadvantageous bargaining position
  • Are you paying for service & maintenance on copies/prints you’re not even making? The fallacies of included copy figures on service & maintenance leases.
  • Unfavorable contract terms can cost you big dollars
  • The bigger, faster the copier/MFD, the higher the cost and bigger the margin, just like cars. Why every copier vendor is always trying to get you to lease a bigger copier than you need
  • Unused technology add ons add cost and loss of productivity. Why most copier vendors actually have a disincentive to deploy and support technology solution add ons
  • Copier resellers are public companies. Be aware of how to use that to your advantage, and how to anticipate where this is not to your advantage in terms of their offerings, e.g., higher margins and less flexibility.
  • The fallacies of the copier vendor’s leasing strategies to get you to buy out leases and replace MFDs before they expire at a “discount” or cost savings. Avoid this with the correct lease term in the first place!
  • If you have more than one location you should always have a composite or national program to leverage your collective needs and volumes for more favorable pricing.

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