The Benefits and Results of our RFP/RFQ MFD bidding process

The Benefits and Results of our RFP/RFQ MFD bidding process will spare you from many pitfalls the vendors may try to navigate you through:

  • Optimized Fleet; copier vendors always strive to oversell or over-specify devices. The higher end the device, generally the more margin for the copier vendor/reseller. We have proven formulas and methods to determine what is a right sized device for each location/situation.
  • Reduced device costs from benchmarking other RFPs and bids for MFDs, service & maintenance plus our industry knowledge of copier device, industry and other trends
  • More competitive service and maintenance costs
  • True evaluation of your add on technology or third party needs by exploring your company’s workflow and requirements and helping you to select the best match/fit among the supplier’s offerings at the best price. Don’t buy what you won’t use or what is overkill.
  • More favorable contract provisions saving money and avoiding costly penalties
  • A strategy to co-terminate leases that eliminates copier buyouts, which is revenue out of your pocket straight to the copier vendors/reseller’s bottom line
  • True industry knowledge on the nuances and subtle distinctions between the major copier manufacturer’s devices.
    • While copier devices attributes and features are general comparable among the major manufacturers, how the device operates on your network, integrates with third party applications such as scanning solutions, DMS, cost recovery software and even the handling of company templates will vary.
    • Also copier workflows on how it handles functions such as secure print, data security, basic scanning can vary from device to device manufacturer.

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