Our Work

RAS Consulting Helps Wilkinson Barker & Knauer LLP Achieve over 25% Savings in their Outsourcing Services RFP Process. Please listen to our case study with former Wilkinson Barker Executive Director Janeanne Gorman.

RAS Consulting was invited back to Oblon Spivak to assist the Firm in renegotiating their copier/MFD equipment and services contract with their incumbent provider. Please listen to our case study with former Director of Operations Jay Neiditch at Oblon Spivak.

Recent Business Process Outsourcing RFP Projects

Assisted Farella, Braun & Martel, San Francisco, CA with Outsourcing Services Contract Renewal Project

RAS Consulting assisted SF Law Firm Farella, Braun & Martel with their Outsourcing Services renewal contract with their incumbent provider Document Technologies, Inc. RAS provided a thorough review of the vendor’s renewal proposal navigating the Firm through a copier/technology solution that extended existing equipment life cycle, that will save the Firm thousands of dollars per month over an unnecessary MFD refresh. RAS quantified service levels, staffing levels and SLAs

Managed Wilkinson Barker, Washington, DC., Outsourcing Services RFP Project

RAS Consulting, working on behalf of Chase Cost Management, Inc., recently assisted Washington DC boutique telecommunications law firm Wilkinson Barker & Knauer LLP through a successful office support outsourcing services RFP process. The bid process resulted in over 25% savings over their current costs. Savings were achieved through the competitive bidding process, including right sizing of office equipment and a restructuring of staff to reflect changes in service KPIs. The Firm is expecting enhanced Service Levels and a hands on management approach in the new operation.

The Firm replaced their incumbent provider of over 10 years, Merrill Corporation, with Philadelphia-area MCS Management Services, http://www.mcsmanagement.com, who recently expanded their operations to the Washington DC area. The new Wilkinson Barker MCS operation will commence later in this month. The Firm will be a flagship operation for the vendor.

Managed Oblon Spivak Copier & Laser Printer Equipment Renewal Project

After Managing the Firm’s copier equipment RFP several years back, achieving close to 50% in savings, Oblon Spivak again hired RAS Consulting to renegotiate their new contract with their incumbent supplier. RAS Consulting still achieved over 20% savings for the Firm over the incumbent vendor’s initial renewal proposal.

RAS Consulting’s Corporate Clients include: the U.S. Government and many Fortune 500 Companies such as, in banking; Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Lehman Brothers, Citi, Barclays Capital; also Bloomberg, Coach, Scholastic Inc., Saatchi & Saatchi and more.

Law firms clients include: Cleary Gottlieb, Weil Gotschal & Manges, Fried Frank, Bingham, Wilson Sonsini, Latham & Watkins, Snell Wilmer and more.

Some of our Key Past Successes:

  • Succeeded in achieving $800,000 in cost savings over 3 years for client Saatchi & Saatchi, through an effective RFP bid process promoting cost reduction and process re-engineering in Reproduction Services.
  • Identified cost reductions of 10% or greater in enterprise service efficiencies at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, UBS, Citi and other financial leaders. Was accomplished by implementing web-based, self-booking and expense management software installations in corporate ground transportation.
  • Trimmed expenses of 15% or above for a multitude of law firms and other corporate clients’ outsourced office support services. Was accomplished by analyzing clients’ services processes and procedures and recommending re-engineered solutions to positively impact production, technology and equipment utilization.
  • Incorporated leading-edge technology advancements in outsourcing strategies and leveraging technology skill sets from parallel technology and software project management background. Through reporting and analytics, have consistently identified over 15% in savings opportunities for corporate customers.
  • By providing superior client service offerings was able to retain key business relationships with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers/Barclays, UBS, Citigroup, Saatchi & Saatchi and various national law firms including Fried Frank et al, Bingham, Steptoe & Johnson among others.


A large National law Firm headquartered in Arizona hired RAS through Chase Cost Management, Inc. (CCM) to manage their outsourcing services contract renewal for the headquarters and one other regional office with their primary outsourcing vendor. RAS identified many pricing irregularities in the primary vendor’s renewal offer which were subsequently corrected in favor of the client and RAS’ management of the renewal process led to over 15% cost reductions, better clarity on individual cost blocks and better defined technology solutions. RAS also assisted the customer in navigating through complex litigation support services and decentralized scanning solutions by evaluating the options and alternatives to suggest the best solutions to the Firm.

RAS Consulting’s success in the outsourcing services renewal process for the Firm’s primary headquarters and close by regional office led to successive additional outsourcing contract renewal projects where RAS standardized equipment and technology solutions across two other vendors’ solutions and reduced renewal costs by over 10% in each case.’

RAS was contracted to manage a large national law Firm headquartered in Palo Alto CA’s outsourcing service contract evaluation and contraction, in mid-contract, to reflect necessary services changes due to changes in Firm business needs. RAS identified over a dozen critical areas to right size staff or equipment and to deploy process re-engineering resulting in over $800,000 in savings opportunities/year for the remaining two years of the outsourcing contract and in perpetuity.

Several years later, RAS was retained to manage the Firm’s outsourcing service RFP for all national offices again resulting in achieving cost reductions, technology advances and equipment refresh and right sizing, saving the Firm over 15% in renewal costs even though they chose to stay with their incumbent vendor.

A national law Firm headquartered in Boston, MA, enlisted RAS on a dual challenge, to head up their 8 office national outsourcing contract RFP process, with the goal to reduce its number of vendors from three to a single national provider, as well as assess the feasibility of outsourcing in four other currently insourced offices. RAS provided substantial metrics and analysis throughout the process, resulting in a single national outsourcing provider with cost savings of close to 20% compared to the current contract, many new technology offerings and standardized equipment across all offices.

RAS also assisted the Firm in presenting decision-making criteria for the Firm’s executive committee to back the final decision. CCM’s expert analytics aided the Firm in determining whether to in or outsource their four insourced offices.

RAS repeated a similar project for the same client three years later and achieved another 15% savings through staffing reduction, downsizing of equipment and more competitive pricing without going to RFP. Again, substantial business analytics and operations analysis were required to vet the Firm’s decision to in source vs. outsource as well as define optimal staffing levels and equipment standards for the new contract.