Corporate Black CarCorporate Black Car Services RFP 

RAS Consulting has over 20 years experience in the Corporate Ground Transportation industry, or Corporate Black Car Services, providing software design, implementation and project management for many Fortune 500 companies. With our expert knowledge of the industry as well as the players, we can assist you with your Corporate Car RFP process to define a cost effective program and help you implement all important SLAs to track service quality.

With the intense focus on mobile booking today, there are a number of associated issues with that medium you do not want to be blind-sided by. RAS Consulting can help you navigate through those choppy waters.

The use of a corporate car services booking and expense management platform is critical to ensuring the integrity of your corporate car program as well as ensuring that all of your car services expenses are properly “scrubbed” during a preprocess to ferret out vendor billing overcharges and mistakes. Another source of corporate car overspending is via employee abuse or taking rides that are out of policy. We can assist you in implementing a program to isolate the abuses.