Business Needs Analysis & Analytics

Black Car and Limousine Ground Transportation Services: cost avoidance and cost savings based on corporate ride patterns, employee abuse, vendor overcharges (click here for free white paper)
Print Distribution: Actual Cost per output vs. lowest cost per output/savings lost/realized; pro bono, bankruptcy, client chargeable/non billable.
Legal: Payroll/employee costs vs. Productivity per attorney ratio, client matter ratio. Customer profile; square footage, # mail stops, # sweeps, # floors vs. i/o volumes, mail, in/outbound parcels, faxes, copies/prints, lit support volumes, etc. vs. headcount and cost per piece/deliver metrics. In house vs. outsourced metrics.
Procurement of Office Support Services: Mail, Fax, Copy, Lit Support, Hospitality, Conferencing, Inter Office, Facilities, Overnight Courier/Messenger, Purchasing/Supplies
Messenger Services/Courier Services: lowest cost analysis vs. service demand
Cost Recovery/Disbursement Analysis: Cost Recovery for Office Support Services areas; leakage, patterns

RAS Consulting will provide you with a full end to end Business Analytics Package including:

1) Gathering all pertinent data, providing template data file formats required for data mining
2) Provision of RAS Consulting’s baseline analytics in the form of a Dashboard Reporting Center and array of included analytics and report formats
3) Interviewing each corporate customer to identify custom analytics specific to your vertical or corporate workflow and processes
4) Provide you with an SaaS (Software as Service) that eliminates technical or IT support or the need for local applications running on your network
5) Provide an Active Dashboard interface which will real time refresh with the most critical analytics you wish to review on a daily basis with the ability to drill down to reporting details

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